What Will the Impact of Equity Crowdfunding be in 2015?

Analysts may very well look back at the year 2015 and see how the investment landscape transformed. At the very least, it has a high likelihood of being the year that investable assets expanded via equity crowdfunding platforms to levels that…

How Set Up Your Ergo Work Station

Good posture reportedly leads to happier employees.  Bad posture causes pain, increased hospital bills and eventually affects productivity in the workplace and employee morale. Be sure to give your employees the best opportunity to do their best work, at work….

On FinTech and Wall Street

After the global market collapse, FinTech became a hot topic for the consumer market. Since the crash, the market has experienced a rise in startup companies.  The finance and tech industries finally seem to be taking notice of each other,…

Use Office Supplies To Stay Fit

People who work in corporate America often do not take care of themselves. From sedentary, long hours to eating fast food at their desks to save time, the nation is seeing a rise of unhealthy and unhappy workers. The Americans…


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