How Different Is U.S. Work Culture From Japan’s?

Though this semi-documentary is from 2009, I believe Japan’s work culture resembles this in 2015. Long hours, the betterment of the group are both things that Americans at work have also adopted. Luckily for us, work culture today in the…

Finance Becomes ‘Ohm’ With Meditation

In fintech, it’s meditation that is disrupting the status quo. For the past 20 years, Peter Ng, the executive charged with investing tens of billions of dollars for Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund sits quietly. He does this by sitting and…

How Set Up Your Ergo Work Station

Good posture reportedly leads to happier employees.  Bad posture causes pain, increased hospital bills and eventually affects productivity in the workplace and employee morale. Be sure to give your employees the best opportunity to do their best work, at work….


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