Use Office Supplies To Stay Fit

Stay fit at work!

Stay fit at work!

People who work in corporate America often do not take care of themselves. From sedentary, long hours to eating fast food at their desks to save time, the nation is seeing a rise of unhealthy and unhappy workers. The Americans work more hours than other nations and they’re paying for it with their bodies and minds. But there are exercises that will keep the heart pumping and the brain firing while in the corporate world.

Take the Stairs

Forget the gym membership or costly stairmaster machines. Which financial office is on the ground floor? Most likely none. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Even if your office is on the second floor, some cardio is always better than no cardio.

Give It A Twirl

Ubiquitous and under-used, the swivel chair can be more than just office equipment. With some effort, you can increase the muscle in your core with oblique abs techniques:

Sit in an erect and upright manner, making sure your feet aren’t touching the floor, use your desk or surface to balance your fingers and thumbs. Then, use your chair’s swivel to go back and forth. You can also contract and retract your stomach muscles at the same time. Start with 10-15 cycles and increase those rounds every week or so.

The Corporate Curl

People have been known to use staplers, mugs or tape dispensers to do some quick curls. Whether standing, walking or sitting, think of the office supply as a dumbbell: curl it towards your chest, do squats, etc. Do it for 10-15 repetitions. If you’re feeling ambitious, bring dumbbells to work or use bottles of soda or water.

Being resourceful and using what’s around you is the best piece of advice. Even if you don’t have a swivel chair, stairs or water bottles anywhere around the office; look around, use what’s close and take your health seriously.




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